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One Day Free

"One Day Free" is a collection of original songs in various styles -- indie rock, folk, ballad and others -- that explores the themes of inner and outer freedom, forgiveness, and redemption. The album takes its title from a line from the Lord Byron poem, The Prisoner of Chillon. A portion of proceeds from all album sales goes to support the Chillon Project at Life University, which brings college degree programs to incarcerated students.


This page contains a few sample tracks.

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Track list:

1 River Song

2 Best In You

3 Waking Dream

4 Song for Kelly

5 Vision

6 I Need You

7 Who I Am

8 Hold Out Your Hand

9 Malin Head

10 Safety First


Brendan Oz: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Trumpet, Synths

Mike Altis: Drums (tracks 2, 5, 6)

Annie Brown: Vocals (track 3)

Rubi Garcia: Vocals (track 7)

Flournoy Holmes: Flute (track 1)

Jeff Schaefer: Cello (tracks 3, 7)


Mixing Engineer: Olli Holopainen

Mastering Engineer: Larry DeVivo, Silvertone Mastering

Recorded at: Dr Boz Studios, Atlanta, GA

Album Art and Design: Jennifer Knox


"Brendan Oz presents an album of original music that reflects the expressions of an artist rather than a singer-songwriter trying to set poetry to music. This is mostly mid-tempo introspective guitar-driven songs. He accomplishes a grandiosity while still keeping things intimate and contemplative. His voice is no one trick pony either. He moves between tenor and baritone ranges with ease and keeps us up close with the vulnerability of a modern minstrel. The lyrics are honest too. Got me thinking in a few places. 

I was most impressed with the fact that I never once thought of other artists or songs through two listenings. This is him expressing himself in his way and not trying to be anyone else. This alone makes it a most refreshing experience to listen to.

There are definitely some ear worms in here too including the tracks "I Need You" and "Waking Dream." Musically, he slams us with the fact that he needs you. That's the way it should be. Honest vulnerable expression not trying to be something else."

-- Gautam Malhotra, singer/songwriter/composer